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Win The Letters From Santa Award

Win the Letters From Santa Award

Santa is always in search of fun, new and inspirational places to visit on the web.
If you have a business or personal web page that you you'd like to submit, and you meet the requirements below, fill out the form below to be considered for our award. An example of our award is below. 
If you do not meet all of our requirements, you will not receive an award.

Site Requirements To Win An Award:
  • You must be the owner of the website you are applying for.
  • Site must be in English.
  • Site must be appropriate for Family viewing.
  • Site must have a purpose and must be original, fun, creative, educational or inspiring.
  • Site does not have to be Christmas or holiday related.
  • Site must have topics we feel would compliment our site or interest our visitors.
  • Site must not have any nudity, profanity or derogatory comments.
  • Site cannot  contain any spyware, scumware, tracking software, viruses, plug-ins or Active-X download requirements in order to view it,  or any mailcious software or device that would harm the viewer's computer.
  • Site cannot be an affiliate, sub-affiliate, multi-level marketing or pyramid type business.
  • Site must be accessible to everyone. No registration or log-ins needed.
  • All web pages must be easily navigated and accessible via links on each page.
  • Site cannot have an excessive amount of broken links or pages that are "under construction".
  • Winner agrees to have their website name and link listed on our web site.
  • Winner must link the award back to the Letters From Santa home page at http://sendasantaletter.com If you don't plan on linking, do not apply. Our award graphic must contain our home page url above and must be on a page accessible by users and cannot be placed on a deep or hidden page.
  • Winner agrees to remove award if site subject matter changes and no longer reflect our posted requirements.
  • Letters From Santa may remove your website name and url links from our website at any time that we feel you are not in compliance with the site requirements listed here to remain a winner. This includes not having a link to our website.


Submit Your Web Site Here

Please fill out the form to the right to apply. All fields are required. Only winners will be notified by email within several weeks. If your site does not meet our qualifications, you will not receive the award. Please do not recommend websites as you must be the website owner in order to apply.

Award Example
Santa Award Example

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First & Last Name
Email Address
Website Name
Website URL
Web Site Description
Please check the box to verify you are the website owner.

Letters From Santa Award Winners

The following websites have won our Letters From Santa award.
Congratulations to you all and keep up the good work!



Jinglebell Junction


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