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Parent To Parent
Letters From Santa knows that being a parent is an on-going life-long process.
We are not born omnipotent and sometimes we even learn the simplest, yet most rewarding, things from our children. Here you'll find articles that help you stay up to date with the world of parenting, as well as articles that may inspire, encourage and educate you through your journey of parenthood.

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Letters From Santa: A Way To Share The Season

Personalized Santa letters are a fantastic way to share the holiday season and create memories. Letters From Santa are unique to each recipient and make a great yet inexpensive gift for children and adults.


For children, a Letter From Santa creates smiles, excitement and everlasting memories! Each letter reinforces sharing and giving, encourages good behavior and helps maintain childhood innocence by keeping the belief in Santa alive. Santa letters also help build confidence and self esteem. Every child likes to know they are loved and thought of, especially by Santa. Letters From Santa can be given to all the special children in your life. For example you can send a letter to:


  • Your children
  • Your grandchildren
  • Your neices and nephews
  • Your neighbor's children
  • A foster child or latch-key child
  • An ill or convalescing child
  • A child that is grieving
  • Any special child in your life

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    Roof Top Santa

    25 Fun Ways To Share The Holidays With Your Family
    Christmas is an ideal holiday to get the family together for some "us" time. In today’s busy world it is sometimes difficult to spend quality time with family. Rekindle the meaning of family with simple activities the whole family will enjoy and look forward to year after year. If possible do an activity every evening or a few a week to build anticipation for the coming holiday season.
    1. View Christmas light displays in your city then hang Christmas lights indoors and outdoors.
    2. Light the fireplace, drink eggnog or cocoa, eat popcorn and read holiday stories out loud. Take turns reading.
    3. Make an Advent calendar or wreath and decorate it together. Read More

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