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Sending Holiday Joy Since 2002!

Our Mission 
Our mission is to restore and spread the magical belief in Santa Claus and reinforce the positive spirit of Christmas through heartfelt giving and kindness. Our goal is to bring happiness to children and adults through our personalized products.

The excitement and look of wonderment on a child's face when they receive their special letter from Santa is such a joy. We believe that this priceless feeling is a memory every child should experience. By re-enforcing the belief in Santa Claus, we aim to strengthen each child's belief in hope, joy, love and Christmas.

In creating long-lasting memories for our children we all get to share in the true meaning of Christmas. We believe everyone deserves happiness and goodwill, especially the caretakers of our future: our children. With those encompassing thoughts we decided to rekindle Christmas with a new approach: Letters From Santa.

Our History

Our parent company, Assistance For You, is owned and operated by Virtual Assistant, Yvonne Thompson, who is a dedicated mother and hardworking entrepreneur. Yvonne brings over sixteen years of administrative, managerial and customer service experience to our organization which allows us to provide quality personalized letters to your family and loved ones.

Although  Assistance For You specializes primarily in business support, we have a strong sense of community and a desire to help those less fortunate. By providing our services to the general public we provide both personal enrichment and assistance to others in need. Each year Letters From Santa donates a portion of their proceeds to a charity. We are honored to be able to bring a bit of sunshine into the lives of others through your products.  

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Keeping Christmas Spirit Alive
Christmas Just Isn’t The Same Without Santa Claus!
By Yvonne Thompson
Holidays may come and go but some holidays, like Christmas, should never change. Most folks have a favorite holiday and for many it is Christmas. The festivities, shopping, and decorating get the best of all of us but Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without Santa Claus stopping by for a quick visit to share the true meaning of Christmas, giving.
Although Christmas can be a busy time of year, we must not forget to go back to basics. Santa’s kind and giving spirit touches everyone and he is able to bring back the never-ending nostalgia of childhood for adults too. As adults, we try to keep Santa Claus alive for our children to keep the innocence of their youth as long as possible. The smiles we see on our children’s faces when they sit on Santa’s knee and the anticipation of Christmas day allow us to somehow live vicariously through the eyes of our children. We may be adults but we’re still a little kid at heart.
Our children are growing ever so fast and smarter by the minute. It seems that their innocence is lost so much sooner these days. But that doesn’t mean they don’t need to be entertained and sheltered in Santa’s comfort zone for a little while longer. Eventually your child will ask if Santa Claus really exists. Like most parents we will try to keep Santa’s spirit alive for as long as we can. In our efforts to keep the joyous mystery of Santa Claus alive, we sometimes recreate jolly old Saint Nick at home by dressing up as Santa Claus. Or you may even do the annual mall visit with Santa. This year you may need more than just a Santa Claus suit or visit to the local mall to impress your children. This year you could give them even more by sending a Letter From Santa.
As parents we know that Santa Claus is a representation of the real meaning of Christmas, the spirit of giving. Christmas is ultimately about being able to give from the heart and not just giving material things. Santa Claus history reveals the story of Saint Nicholas, a religious bishop, who was well known for his generosity towards children and poor. It is believed that Saint Nicholas entered homes through a window and left gifts for the children as they slept. During the Christmas season, we continue this self-less tradition of giving that Saint Nicholas began. By keeping the Santa Claus spirit alive our children learn the value of giving through special moments that make a lifetime of treasured memories.
About The Author
Yvonne Thompson owns and operates Assistance For You, a Virtual Assistant Support Service and the popular Letters From Santa web site, which creates holiday joy by mailing personalized Santa Letters to children. For more information visit the web site at
 Assistance For You All rights reserved. Permission is granted to use this article, as long as the entire article is posted and the "About the Author Bio" section, including all links, remain intact.

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