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Customer Testimonials
We love to hear from our customers and truly appreciate their feedback and opinionsWe are delighted to have been a part of their Christmas and take pride in bringing holiday joy, smiles and encouragement to your children. We've listed a few testimonials for you to read below and hope you too will become one of our valued customers. Please view the 25 reasons why our customers chose us. To make a donation to one of the charities listed below just scroll down.
Just wanted to let you know that the letters were just GREAT !!!!!!  We were very pleased with them and hope to use your service again next year.
 ~Mary N., PA
My son received his Letter From Santa recently and I just wanted to say thanks. It was the best letter I've seen and he really enjoyed it. Thanks again and keep up the good work!
~Rebecca C., PA
Thanks so much for the letters. They arrived last week and were perfect! My older son (who is 7) was speechless when I read him his letter!  I cried when I saw his face!  I really loved how personal it was. I had researched letter sites and found yours to be the most detailed. Children want to know that Santa knows about them so it was great!  I have recommended your website to friends for next year. I appreciated your product and your customer service. You had only recieved one of my order forms and made sure that I knew so I could resend the other and you communicated promptly.
~Susan R., OH
What a great letter!!!! It was so personal and included all the information that I gave you. My son loved that he was on the "good boy list"" and told everyone that Santa said he was a good boy. I will definitely use your site again next year.
~J. K., NY

I placed an order last year for my daughter who enjoyed the special letter and candy bars very much. The order arrived a few days before Christmas and I would definitely order again.
Sharon Q., CA
Thank you for this service my daughter was so happy last year when she received your letter. The letter was so realistic I even thought it came from Santa. Great Job!
~Cindy T., NJ
The kids really enjoyed having a letter from Santa.  My five year old is on the verge of not believing, and the letter I think just got us another year!  They were amazed how Santa knew all that stuff!
~Monica M., KS
My three children ages 11 (who was becoming a non believer until he received his letter) 8 and 6 LOVED their letters. They were so detailed it was amazing, and they loved the extras Santa sent :)  Santa even assured the kids that though there were spending Christmas with their dad, he wouldn't forget to stop at moms house and leave them gifts there as well.  Thanks for making their Christmas!!!! ~Diane C., FL
I just wanted to tell you thank you for the letters for our Grand children. They loved them! Each one has told me about them and they were so excited! Thanks so much.
~Beverly N., UT
We just got our Santa letters this past weekend...the kids loved them....and so did we...we will definitely use you again next year...I have you bookmarked...thanks again...
This is the cheapest online. ~Christopher S., VA
Always a great letter. ~Rebecca C., PA
Thanks Yvonne!  This is always a highlight of our holiday season! ~ Andrew R., OH

Send Santa Your Testimonial!
Send Santa Your Testimonial!

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The Reason For The Season: Sharing Is Caring
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Letters From Santa believes that Christmas is a time to honor God and to think about the sacrifice He made for us. We too should be willing to sacrifice for others as a way of sharing in the true meaning of Christmas. Please take the time to think of those less fortunate and use the links below to make a thoughtful donation to the charity of your choice. Many of these charities won't cost you anything except a few clicks of your mouse or a donation of something you already own like food and clothing. Check out these links to see how you can make a difference today in your community. Give what you can and make a difference even if it's a simple prayer or voulnteering your time. Remember, there are many ways to give without money. You can donate clothes, babysit, cook for the elderly, walk the dog for the housebound, plant trees for the disabled or share a book.God bless you for giving.

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