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What's New At The North Pole
Check out the latest news about Santa and his elves here. Read news updates about Letters From Santa and see what's happening at the North Pole. Be sure to check back in the future.

Santa Letter Features
At Letters From Santa, we like to give you the best value for your hard-earned dollar. We are happy to inform you that our prices remain the same as last year to help you share the season a little mopre affordably. This is just another reason why our company motto, "A Better Santa Letter" is so appropriate. Santa has continued to offer the same wonderful  features that we're sure will thrill your child. From our family to yours, we sincerely hope you enjoy our products.
Back again are Postscript (P.S.) Messages that you can add to your Santa Letters for free! Or you can add a brief personal message instead of our standard selection. Just select the message you prefer on our Order Form and Santa will add it to the end of your child's letter. If you forget to make a choice, we will add a default postscript to ensure you still get one. With the addition of this feature we now can customize your child's Santa Letter experience with up to 14 different references! This is just another reason why other Santa letter don't compare. You get more from Letters From Santa and we are happy to offer it!
In addition, Santa will still mention if he wrote to your child last year. Just let us know if your child received a Santa Letter from us our another company and Santa will briefly mention writing your child last year to add an extra bit of holiday magic.
Unlike other letter sites, we offer you the ease of early ordering so you can plan early and budget for your holiday. You won't have to wait until the last minute to order our personalized Santa Letters because we accept orders from September 1st through November 30th!
Santa Spotlight Product
Be sure to take advantage of our newest feature that we added last year to our Christmas line up, Live Phone Calls From Santa! SantaSpeaking.com's mission is similar to ours, in that they too wish to share the magic of Christmas with Santa believers everywhere. Choose from arrival calls and live calls from Santa or get hour to hour updates via iTunes. A live phone call from Santa Claus, himself, adds enormous joy to your child's holiday season. Check out this new feature by clicking the link above.
Santa Specials
Santa's Early Bird Contest winner has been chosen. Find out who won here. There's still time to enter our current "Free Tooth Fairy Letter Contest" by ordering 4 or more products. Learn more about this special here. Stay tuned because we will be adding new specials as the season progresses. Be sure to stop by for your chance to enter or take advantage of our wonderful specials. 
Returning Products
Due to overwhelming response last year, we are offering, Santa's Magic Key, as a special limited supply offer. They were such a big hit last year that we ran out before we had anticipated, so we decided to offer Santa's Magic Key again this year at the same low price. Santa's Magic Key will help add to your child's belief in Santa especially when they doubt he exists because your home doesn't have a chimney or fireplace. Quantities are limited so please place your order early. 
We will also be offering craft projects again this year on our Santa Products page. These are great family fun crafts that help start the season off. We're sure you'll find something fun for everyone and they're priced just right too. We have Holiday Photo Frame Ornaments and Santa & Me Photo Frame Magnets and may add a couple of others depending upon demand.
Website Changes
Like all websites, ours is a continuous work in progress and we hope to make our site as customer-friendly as possible. We've made some changes to our website that we hope you find beneficial.
In addition, our website will be moving to a new system called Webcon in September 2009. We ask that you are patient during this process as there may be times that the website is not able to be viewed or will look different until we can re-format it. We have no control over this change as Tripod is making the switch. I am sure this will be beneficial to you and our company as well. Thank you in advance for your patience and patronage.
Well the Elves and I have been busy updating the site before the move. We've added many more donation links to our Testimonial page. There are many new merchant links in Santa's Gift Shop to help with your holiday shopping. We've updated our Just For Fun and Santa Links pages. You'll find lots of free games, music, and craft videos on the Just For Fun page. Our Santa Links page offers additonal Christmas resource links on parenting, shopping and more. We've re-organized our articles and added a direct link to all of our articles on our Parent Zone page. Please look around and explore all the wonderful updates.
If you have any suggestions, feel free to write us. We hope that you will find our updated site to be even more user-friendly than before. Feel free to look around and give us any feedback on how we can make your visit an enjoyable experience.
Holiday Fun Letters
As always, we're offering additional holiday letter options for year round fun. We've recently reduced our Fun Letter prices to just $5.00 each! Now the Tooth Fairy Letter includes a bonus free tooth holder necklace! Both letters include a coloring page and a small, free gift. Why not place your order for a Tooth Fairy Letter and see the difference it makes for your child. Once Easter comes around, we hope you'll want to order a Letter From The Easter Bunny as well. We're sure your child will enjoy them both.

Christmas Lights

North Pole News Review Press Release

Late Breaking Ho-Ho-Holiday News {North Pole, Alaska/USA-November 2002}
Santa Claus, Hoppity, The Easter Bunny, Ariel, The Tooth Fairy, and other members of the Holiday Letter Counsel announced today that they’ve elected Assistance For You, to be CEO of the yearly Holiday Letter Campaign. The Holiday Letter Counsel came to a quick decision after reviewing who was best to handle this enormous task; a position that keeps the magical spirit of Christmas alive for children all over the world.

Assistance For You President, Yvonne Thompson, was quoted as saying, "We are very honored and thrilled to accept this challenging assignment. We’re so excited to write wonderful letters to children and we can’t wait to spread some holiday cheer and fun. We look forward to working very closely with Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, the Elves and all the members of the Holiday Letter Counsel to ensure magical moments in all of our Holiday Letters". When asked if she had anything to say to the children in her hometown in Kent, Washington, she smiled and said "Tell the children.... There's a New Elf in Town", to which Santa gave a jolly “Ho-Ho-Ho”! 

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