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Hoppity, The Easter Bunny

Fun Letters
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Ariel, The Tooth Fairy

Hoppity and Ariel are happy you hopped by to visit Fun Letters. Please take a moment to view the examples of our Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy products. Easter Bunny letters are intended for arrival before Easter and Tooth Fairy letters are meant to be delivered after the loss of a tooth. We are sure you'll find our products are an excellent value. Each letter is signed in real ink and includes a coloring page and a free surprise giftWe've made ordering very convenient for you and we provide free shipping too. We accept Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy Orders year round. We hope your children will love our letters and products. To learn more about our services feel free to read our Terms Of Use.

Letters From The Easter Bunny

Order Your Letter From The Easter Bunny Today!

Send your children a Letter From The Easter Bunny and watch their faces light up in egg-citement. What a fun way to share the joys of this wonderful spring time holiday. Order early for Easter delivery. Here's an excerpt from an actual letter:

Dear John,
I am writing to wish you a very happy, hoppy Easter and to let you know how thrilled I am to be delivering some special eggs to you this year. All the bunnies have been hopping all over the place because you have been such a good boy. You are growing into such a big 6 year old and...


Chocolate Holiday Basket Bar
Hershey Bars Will Receive A Custom Wrap Like Below
Order Your Chocolate Holiday Bar Today!
Add an extra bit of surprise to your child's Easter basket with a personalized Hershey  Chocolate Holiday Basket Bar! Includes child's first name, greeting, year and graphics to make the holiday fun. Holiday bars are delivered to the purchaser to add to child's basket. Order early for Easter delivery.


Letters From The Tooth Fairy

Order Your Tooth Fairy LetterToday!

Send a personalized Letter From The Tooth Fairy to your little ones to congratulate them on growing a new tooth. Tooth Fairy letters are intended for delivery after your child loses their tooth and can be ordered year round. What a great way to encourage good dental hygiene. Here's an example:

Dear Tammi,
Thank you for the beautiful, pearly-white tooth you left me under your pillow! I was so happy to get it that I had to write and tell you what a wonderful tooth it is. I really love collecting teeth, especially healthy ones. I can tell you've been brushing your teeth everyday. Your tooth reminded me of the tooth I got from your Dad when...


Happy Tooth!

"I Lost My Tooth" Certificate
Tooth Fairy Certificate Example (Upgrade #TF1)
Add a personalized certitifcate, signed by The Tooth Fairy, and make your child feel great about losing their tooth! Includes child's full name, date, graphics and dental hygiene reminders to help encourage good habits. Click here for additional upgrades*.



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