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Facts & Fun
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Hoppity, The Easter Bunny

Fun Letters
Fun For One, Fun For All

Ariel, The Tooth Fairy

Brush Your Teeth!

Parent's Corner

To Keep You And Your Children's Smile Healthy:

Brush teeth with a soft-bristle brush at least twice a day.

Use a flouride-based toothpaste to help prevent decay.

Floss your teeth everyday to help remove plaque.

Eat a well-balanced diet and brush after sugary snacks.

Replace your toothbrush every 2-3 months or as needed.

Visit your dentist every six months for cleaning and check-ups.

Brush Your Teeth

Take Good Care Of Your Teeth

Free Surprise Gift & Coloring Page!
Each child will receive a free special surprise gift and coloring page in their letter from Hoppity or Ariel. Gift enclosures may include a puzzle, tattoo, bookmark, activity page/book, mini notepad, sticker, patch, pencil, eraser, stencil, postcard, jokes, recipe, poem, ring, bracelet, story, word search, maze, crossword, riddles or a combination of items.

Reasons To Smile!

Make Your Holidays Egg-citing!

Egg Poem
Eggs come in many sizes.
Eggs hold some big surprises,
Speckled, brown, white, or blue.
Eggs hold babies that are new.
Chicks from eggs are fluffy yellow,
Chicks from eggs are funny fellows!
~Author Unknown

Fun Letters Are The Best Surprise!

Ariel, The Tooth Fairy

A Gift From The Tooth Fairy
When the Tooth Fairy heard you lost a tooth
Do you know what she did?
She made a map to visit you
Cause you're a special kid!
First she got your address
And checked her map,
Then she flew to your home
where she saw your new "gap".
Of course she took your worn out tooth,
Just like she's always done.
But she left you something nice instead
To help you have some fun!
~Author Unknown

A Tooth Fairy Poem

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Floss Your Teeth

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