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Order Page

Hoppity, The Easter Bunny

Fun Letters
Fun For One, Fun For All

Ariel, The Tooth Fairy

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Personalized items include Letters and Chocolate Basket Bars and Certificate. Free shipping, handling and postage! All items can be purchased individually. We ship only within the continental United States. By using this service you confirm you're over 18 years of age and give your full consent for us to mail our products to the person(s) you indicate. Merchandise is intended for recipients aged 3 and older. For more information read our Terms of Use.

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PayPal Payment Instructions

PayPal accepts debit and credit cards on their secure servers. 

  • Choose the items you want by adding them to your PayPal cart using the buttons below. Be sure to add a name(s) for each recipient. This allows you to make one payment for all recipients! 
  • Once you check out and your payment is processed, you will be directed to our Letters From Santa Thank You Page which confirms payment was sent and includes the Fun Letter Order Form to enter your personalized details to complete your order.
  • You wll also receive an email confirmation from PayPal . Please be sure all Order Forms are sent for all recipients you've paid for. Reference your PayPal  receipt to ensure you send an Order Form for each person.
  • Be sure to add our return email address  to your address book to ensure we can contact you if we have questions about your order.

Pay For Your Easter Bunny Letter Here

Letter From The Easter Bunny

Child's Name

Pay For Your Tooth Fairy Letter Here

Letter From The Tooth Fairy
Includes Bonus Tooth Keeper Necklace!

Child's Name

Chocolate Easter Basket Bar
Chocolate Holiday Basket Bar
Plain or Almonds

Chocolate Bar Type
Child's Name

Lost My Tooth Certificate
"I Lost My Tooth" Certificate

Child's Name

Wooden Tooth Fairy Box

Wooden Tooth Keeper Box
No personaliztion available

Tooth Keeper Necklace

"Tooth Keeper" Necklace
.99 cents
No personaliztion available

This Gift Set Includes A Lost My Tooth Certificate

This Gift Set Includes A Tooth Keeper Box

2-Piece Tooth Fairy Set
Includes Personalized "I Lost My Tooth" Certificate"
& Tooth Keeper Box (No personalization)

Child's Name

If you need assistance, have a question or need the link to the Personalized Order Form emailed to you please let us know.

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Alternate Payment Options


1. Did You Pre-Pay At E-Bay®? If You've Already Pre-paid Through Ebay®, we will automatically send you the link to the Order Form. Simply submit your order forms and and indicate the method of payment as "Pre-paid Through Ebay".You will receive a confirmation that your order form was sent. If you have questions, please email us.


2. Do You Have A Gift Certificate For A Free FunLetter? If so, please fax the certificate to us at 253-813-1534 or email us and we will send you the link to the Order Form. Simply submit your order forms and indicate the method of payment as "Gift Certificate". You'll receive confirmation the order form was sent.


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