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Rates & Project Terms Overview

Using a Virtual Assistant will help save you money and allows you to have specific project needs met instead of hiring an employee. You pay only for the services you require. We can help you get your work done and save you time and money.

Notarization Services

Licensed, bonded, insured mobile notary since 1994. Services include loans (1st, 2nd & reverse mortgages, helocs, refinances, purchase, sale, wills, trusts, affidavits, car titles, leases, power of attorney (general, durable, financial, medical) and other legal documents.

A valid Washington State/military/government issued identification card is required for all notarizations! Identification must include physical description, photograph, signature and be unexpired. Notarization services are available in the local South King County and North Pierce County cities we service. Notarizations are by appointment only and on a case-by-case basis. All fees, including travel are agreed upon prior to signing. Travel fees, where required, are in addition to notarization fees.
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Mobile Notary: Loan Document Signing Rates & Terms

Hours: Weekdays: 6pm-9pm, Weekends: 9am-9pm. Individual homeowners and title companies are welcome to use my services in addition to loan closing companies. Please contact me to arrange your signing.

Overnighted Documents:

  • First set via overnight delivery service - $75.00. Includes 1st, 2nd & reverse mortgages, refinances, purchase, sale.
  • Second set of documents for same client (i.e. 2nd mortgage) - $35.00.
  • Equity Line of Credit (Heloc) - $55.00.
  • Loan modifications - $35.00 (up to 10 pages, 0-1 notarizations).

E-Doc Documents:

  • First set sent via email link - $95.00. Includes 1st, 2nd & reverse mortgages, refinances, purchase, sale.
  • Second set of documents for same client (i.e. 2nd mortgage) $40.00. 
  • Equity Line of Credit (Heloc) - $65.00.
  • Loan modifications - $40.00 (up to 10 pages, 0-1 notarizations).

    Additonal Fees & Terms For Loan Closings:

    • Document Fax Fee: $3.00-for up to 5 pages received or faxed (final hud etc)
    • Photocopy Service: $5.00 for up to 5 pages ((driver's licenses etc)
    • Trip Charge: Cancellations/Reschedules/Refusals To Sign: $35.00 (2 hours or less notice)
    • Waiting Fee: $5.00 for every 15 minutes late for appointment
    • Mobile Travel Fee: waived for loan document signings
    • Payment, by check, due 30 days from completion of loan signing for closing for lenders, title and escrow companies.
    • Please note: Individual homeowners utilizing our services for loan closings must pay with cash only.

    Mobile Notary: Basic Local Notarization Rates & Terms

    • Hours: Weekdays: 6pm-9pm, Weekends: 9am-9pm.
    • Witnessing or attesting a signature: $10.00
    • Taking an acknowledgement or verification upon oath or affirmation: $10.00
    • Certifying or attesting a copy: $10.00
    • Receiving or noting a protest of a negotiable instrument: $10.00
    • Being present at  demand, tender, deposit and noting same: $10.00
    • Administering oath or affirmation:$10.00
    • Certifying an event has occurred or act has been performed: $10.00 
    • Mobile Travel Fee: Free: up to 2 miles in Kent, $5.00: 3-5 miles, $10.00: 6-10 miles, $15.00: 11to 20 miles. Additional mileage above 20 miles to be negotiated.
    • Payment due in cash immediately upon completion of service.

    Washington State Fee Schedule    The Notary Public Code of Professional Responsibility

    Virtual Assistant & Local Support Rates & Terms

    • Project requirements determine your fee so you pay only for the support you need. Project specifications and payment terms are discussed at your free consultation. Email us to: Schedule A Free Consultation After your consultation, we will write the agreement and schedule your work.
    • Virtual Assistant hourly rates start at $25.00 (US) per hour with a one-hour minimum. Additional time above original agreement is billed in 15-minute increments. Estimates are calculated on a case-by-case basis with final balance payment being due upon delivery of completed project. Time above original agreement is billable to client. A retainer rate for 20 hours of virtual assistance is $20.00 (US) is available. Rates do not apply to notarial acts, loan signings, or online product purchases made via hyperlink.
    • Pricing for services other than virtual assistance or mobile notary/loan closings will vary depending upon the service provided. Please contact us for an estimate. Schedule A Free Consultation
    • Signed contracts for all services, except notary/loan closing services require an initial deposit of 50% of the signed agreement to initiate work with the remaining balance due on completion.
    • Additional expenses and time, not included in the original agreement, are billable to the client. For example: 1) During a De-cluttering Service, you request a file cabinet or storage containe. This cost was not included in the original agreement and will be your responsibility. The cost will be added to the final bill unless you have made payment to AFY, in advance, to puchase it on your behalf or bought it yourself. OR 2) During you contracted for 4 hours of Open House Sitting (Realtor Support) but at the last minute ask us to stay an additional hour-you will be charged this additional time based on the agreement rate originally charged.
    • Rush orders are subject to an additional fee of up to 25% of total invoice, depending on requirements and time constraints. 
    • Client assume all responsibility for ordering, authorizing, proofreading, changes, payment and additional expenses and time.
    • Project documents are transmitted based upon requirements and deadlines. Depending on your needs, projects or services may be completed on-site, delivered in person, sent via email, fax, CDR/RW/Memory Stick or mail (USPS, Fed-Ex, UPS and/or local couriers). 
    • Payments may be made by PayPal. Cashier's checks and money orders are also accepted.
    • Notary public services and loan signing rates do not apply to the hourly or project pricing as these are pre-determined by law or arranged closing service agreement.

    Discounts & Referrals

    • Newly contracted clients will receive a one-time 5% discount on their initial contracted order which is deducted from the balance due at project completion.
    • Refer a friend who makes a purchase and you will receive a 5% discount on your second set of contracted services.
    • Referrals and discounts do not apply to notary and loan closing services.

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